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What is ANGELS?

ANGELS is a website aimed at helping space industry participants to ‘navigate’ Australian and relevant international and foreign laws that regulate their space activities.

Our collaborators

The ANGELS initiative and this website is a joint project between the University of Adelaide Law School and the International Aerospace Law & Policy Group, and is funded by the Law Foundation of South Australia.

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Space law fundamentals

There are five multi-lateral treaties that specifically address space activities. The Outer Space Treaty 1967 is the first and most significant.


The government is responsible for authorising, and continually supervising space activities. Australia, like many other governments, does this through a national licensing regime covering launch facilities, launch vehicles, the launch of satellites in Australia and by Australian nationals abroad, as well as covering the return of space objects.


There are also a wide range of other laws that apply to space activities, such as spectrum regulation, export controls, liability and insurance, dangerous goods and explosives legislation. All of these are covered on this website.

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