What is ANGELS?

The ‘Australian ‘Navigational’ Guide Explaining Laws for Space’ (‘ANGELS’) Project aims to create a website to help space industry participants to ‘navigate’ Australian and relevant international and foreign laws that regulate their space activities. The development of content is being undertaken by undergraduate students at Adelaide Law School under the direction of Duncan Blake, who is a PhD candidate at Adelaide Law School and Special Counsel in space law and strategy at International Aerospace Law and Policy Group (IALPG). The ANGELS Project is funded by a grant from the Law Foundation of South Australia. Students will meet with and consult Australian space entrepreneurs in six Australian cities (‘The ANGELS are coming’) to understand the information they need about legal and regulatory frameworks and the optimal format for presenting the information.

The ANGELS Project has selected the website design and development company ‘atomix’ to develop a visually-appealing, easy-to-use website based on content developed by the students. The content will cover:

  • Australian and comparative space licensing laws (US, France, China, India, UK, NZ)
  • Aviation law applicable to space activities
  • Intellectual property law applicable to Australian space entrepreneurs
  • Regulation of government (and military) procurement in Australia applicable to space activities
  • Export control laws applicable to space activities
  • Regulation of the electro-magnetic spectrum applicable to space activities
  • Liability and insurance law applicable to space activities
  • Law applicable to:
    • hybrid aerospace vehicles
    • space situational awareness
    • launch
    • remote sensing
    • position, navigation and timing
    • satellite communications, including internet-connected devices

The ANGELS website will be published in conjunction with a roadshow in August 2019 to help Australian space entrepreneurs understand the new Space Activities (Launches and Returns) Act 2018 and subordinate Rules, which are due to commence on 31 August 2019.